Local SEO

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Local SEO is a great way to get more exposure in your home town or city and is always a hot topic. Who still uses the Yellow Pages? Not me. Google is always looking to improve the local aspect of their search engine. Every now and then Google will release an update that improves local city and town search results. A blessing for local businesses. As someone who follows Google and is constantly optimizing web content for local and global businesses, I can tell you local SEO works.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your site for local SEO. Just remember to become the person who is doing the local search. If you are good at knowing what others are searching for then your website should reap the benefits of local SEO optimization.

Local SEO Tips:

  • When optimizing your website for local SEO, think local only.
  • Network with other groups and communities with similar interests. Facebook and Google+ are great for this. 
  • Think about all the possible search phrases and keywords your visitors and competitors are using.
  • Go over your titles, descriptions carefully.
  • All of your images should have ALT tags containing keyphrases surrounding your business locally.
  • Become your potential customer.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

Beaver Builder

I’ll start this post by saying, I’ve been using Beaver Builder for almost 4 years. The reason, it’s easy to use and more stable than many others. Beaver Builder is a great page builder definitely worth taking a look at in 2019. I use it all the time. So I encountered a few small issues and would like to share the fixes with you. So let’s start with Beaver Builder hanging during page Saves. This sometimes happens if the page contains custom scripts. I was trying to upload a sign up page that had MailChimp embed for code in it. The page would get stuck in the Save state just to find out nothing was saved. Knowing how important the browser environment is to Beaver Builder I decided to restart Chrome. Bingo! Restarting the browser fixed it.

The next issue I encountered was a very minor hit in performance. Beaver Build runs amazing 99% of the time. Which means 1% of the time you might notice a decrease in performance, especially if you are a heavy user. When this happens simply restart your browser. That’s it. Once you understand how BB works, you’ll notice a browser restart will fix most issues.

For the average user performing light day to day page or post edits, you will probably never see either of these issues. If you do, restart your browser and this should fix the issue. For testing purposes, I typically flip back and forth from Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Dreamweaver CS6 – CSS Navigation Menu

Creating a pure CSS navigation menu is not that hard, especially in Dreamweaver. You can use any text editor, but Dreamweaver makes it nicer. For this video I’m using Dw CS6. You guys have been asking me for the HTML / CSS used in this video. Here it is! Copy and paste the code into Dreamweaver and tweak it as needed. Any version of Dreamweaver will work. I just happen to enjoy Dreamweaver CS6. Any questions please post and comment.

OfferUp Fake Buyers

By now most of us have herd of OfferUp. A cool brand with a cool way to sell merchandise online. So I decided to try it. After signing up I posted 2 laptops. Both ads had 5 photos, a title and description. After 5 mins of posting I had buyers sending me offers. Cool right? Wrong. I know my ads look good, but that was a little too fast. So I responded to the low ball offers, but no one replied. After an hour my inbox was full of spam from OfferUp’s fake buyer accounts. Must have been 20 fake buyers within an hour. Yuck. Who knows how this company will do, but for now I’m staying away from OfferUp.