Transferring Ownership of a Facebook Business Page

Transferring ownership of a Facebook business page is not difficult. The person requesting ownership must like the page first. After their “like is confirmed” by the owner or Admin, the person’s name will show up under this path: “Facebook Business Page/Settings/Page Roles”. You then select the person from the page roles list and assign them as Admin. Save changes. Now the original page owner is able to assign you as a “Manager”, which allows you to delete the old owner and makes you the new owner. Here is a link to Facebook support where it’s broken down a little differently. Click here.

How To Verify A Facebook Page

A verified Facebook page with a blue check mark lets people know that a Page or profile of public interest is authentic. This color badge from Facebook is considered by many to be prestigious. Only a select group of people get the blue check mark on their Facebook page. Large corporations or well-known brands that would have the likely-hood of being cloned, faked or claimed due to it’s popularity, those are the one’s who get the blue check mark. The other badge that is the more feasible for most of us, it’s the grey badge. To get a grey badge you verify your business’s publicly listed phone numbers, address or a business documents with Facebook. Having the grey badge on your Facebook page will give you a boost in the credibility for your business. It’s something all business owners should have going into 2019. With a check mark on your page, you can be sure your visitors will see you as someone who takes the Social Media portion of their brand serious. Verify Facebook Page