OfferUp Fake Buyers

By now most of us have herd of OfferUp. A cool brand with a cool way to sell merchandise online. So I decided to try it. After signing up I posted 2 laptops. Both ads had 5 photos, a title and description. After 5 mins of posting I had buyers sending me offers. Cool right? Wrong. I know my ads look good, but that was a little too fast. So I responded to the low ball offers, but no one replied. After an hour my inbox was full of spam from OfferUp’s fake buyer accounts. Must have been 20 fake buyers within an hour. Yuck. Who knows how this company will do, but for now I’m staying away from OfferUp.

Beware of

fixr scam beware

Let’s say you decide to delete or remove your account because pretty much sucks. Of the few people I spoke with, all had nothing positive to say. One guy had to call them to have his account deleted because there is no delete buttom or even a hide button. To top it off, they replied in a email denying his request to delete the account. WOW!

Can you beieve it, they said NO, we will not remove your account, but they did try to upsell him, lol, unreal. This company is a joke. They will do nothing for your visibility, and just as important, they will sell your information to other online business looking for fresh email addresses.

Stay away from!